Juvenile Justice

It’s all fun & games till someone gets arrested.

Kids will be kids, and they’ll make stupid mistakes.

Although juvenile offenses are handled very differently from adult court, it is important to remember that children have rights too. When your child has been charged with a crime, you need a lawyer who understands the juvenile legal process and can offer the understanding, but assertive defense, your child needs to avoid extensive and lasting harm stemming from a conviction.

The reality is, if not handled properly, your child’s mistake could result in lasting negative consequences for your child’s future.  A simple mistake can result in denial for admission into the college of their choice, denial for admission into the military, ineligibility for scholarships, and difficulties securing employment.  Before releasing any information to the police or giving permissions related to your child’s case, meet with a knowledgeable attorney.

Hiring an attorney can mean the difference between having your child’s case handled in “teen court” or being placed in adult court, where the juvenile clients face the same, very real, long-lasting consequences.

We are genuinely concerned about our clients’ futures. We work with parents and the court to develop alternative solutions and alternative sentences in order to protect the future interests of our juvenile clients.

Call us.  We can help.