You’re growing, but not together.

Don’t plan on a “legal separation.” You can’t have one in Georgia.

You can live separate lives for years and years, but until there’s an annulment or divorce, the marriage contract remains intact.

However, there are legal provisions in Georgia for spouses who are living separately and not divorcing, and for various reasons have no plans on doing so.  In these situations, Georgia will allow you to file an action that addresses all of the issues which could be addressed in a divorce, but still leave the marriage contract intact.

We understand that there are many reasons why this might be an ideal resolution for you.  You may want to live separate lives, but have a religious or moral opposition to divorce.  Or, you may simply have a desire to remain married for a legal benefit (insurance, social security, etc.).  Whatever the case may be, we are happy to discuss all of your options with you.

However, if you’re staying legally tied to your spouse, that’s one more reason to have your will and other estate planning documents up to date!